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Fields rules

All users must agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to use.

Use of the field shall be entirely at your own risk.

No dogs subject to a Control Order or banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act must be brought to our premises, we do not have the required insurance or specification.

All dogs using the field must have up-to-date vaccinations and be regularly wormed.

Do not enter the car park before your allocated time slot. Please note that not all clients drive to the park, the field could still be in use.

We encourage users to use the padlock provided on the gate to prevent other users entering the park early. 


Please do not arrive early for your booking or leave late, we allow a ten minute buffer for ourselves, this is our time to carry out a field inspection, for free flow traffic and to avoid congestion on the access road. 


No more than 4 persons allowed per booking.

Use of the field is subject to a maximum of 2 vehicles being present in the designated car park for the duration of your booking.

Please wait in the waiting area outside the car park until the previous session has safely loaded their dogs and have exited the car park. 

Please make sure the car park gates are closed before you unload your dogs.

​Check your email for the gate entry code.

Your field session is for a maximum of 50 minutes starting at 5 past the hour.

No refunds will be given for not attending your booked session, and unfortunately we are unable to offer an extension for late arrivals.  

Please be aware that the ground is uneven in places and caution must be taken, it is advised to wear sensible and appropriate footwear to suit the grounds and conditions.

We ask that all users inspect the field on arrival to make sure it is suitable for your dog before letting your dog off the lead.

Please ensure the gate is locked whilst using the field.

If you are concerned that your dog cannot be contained in the field, please exit the field and contact us for a full refund.

Please keep your eye on the time. Set an alarm on your phone so you don't run over.


Time is allocated either side of your booking to safely enter and leave the field. Please be aware that other people will have slots booked after yours.

Please bear in mind if your dog can be difficult to catch.


Please do not climb the fences, gates, trees or any equipment.

Children must be supervised at all times by an adult, no climbing on the gates, fences or equipment please.


At no time should your dogs be tethered to any structure, fencing, posts, gates etc.

Please do not let your dogs dig holes in the dog park.

Please clear up after your dog, use poo bags and place in the dog waste bins provided. 

Please only put litter in the litter bin.


No disposable BBQ's.

Please ensure the tap is turned off when leaving.

Please note that the gate MUST be locked behind you.

Please stick to your allocated time and transition quickly out of the field and car park.

You must leave the car park before the next appointment starts.

Please close the car park gates when exiting.

Please leave the field as you find it.  We would like it to be a safe, clean and tidy place for you and your dogs to enjoy.


​Thank you for helping us to make our field a great place for everyone to enjoy.

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