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​Please read our updated terms and conditions before booking.


No dogs subject to a Control Order or banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act must be brought to our premises, we do not have the required insurance or specification.

Please note Scentral park does not allow dog walkers/home boarders/dog trainers, all dogs must be accompanied by their owner.

Scentral park is located in a quiet area so we allow no more than 2 vehicles and 4 persons (of any size) per booking.



Scentral Park is an off the lead dog park situated in Altofts,Wakefield.


Scentral Park offers you a secure, enclosed space to exercise your dogs giving you the peace of mind knowing they are in a safe environment. Surrounded by 2 metre high security fencing allowing plenty of space for your dog to roam free. We have agility equipment, walkways, a tunnel and toys for your dogs to enjoy. We have benches and an undercover seating area providing shelter from the rain. Also there are a number of trees in the field providing shade in the warmer weather. 

You get exclusive use of the field when you book a session and you can let your dogs run free without worrying about them running off  or having issues with other dogs, people or livestock.

Due to the location and access to the field we have a limit of 4 dogs and no more than 4 persons and 2 vehicles per booking.

A large secure car park gives you the peace of mind knowing your dogs can exit your vehicle and not escape. Great for visiting with friends.

​Scentral park is for hire by the general public only. Our insurance does not cover us for business hire such as dog trainers/dog walkers/home boarders etc.

There is running water on site. Unfortunately there are no toilet facilities.

Please respect other users and passers by.

A footpath is running alongside the field. It has a double fence and a privacy screen has been added to block out distractions for your dogs.

Before booking please take a minute to familiarise yourself with the field rules. Rules are also on display in the dog park.

We appreciate that sometimes rules can be overlooked so you may receive a polite reminder if we see any being broken.

​CCTV is in operation.

* Checks will be made so please book for the correct number of dogs attending a session.

* Dog waste bins are provided so please pick up after your dog.

​* Persistent rule breaking may result in being asked to leave.


We have rules so that everyone can enjoy using Scentral park.

Please bear with us as we are a working progress and we are constantly aiming to improve our facilities. 



Bookings can be made up to 6 weeks or as little as 5 minutes in advance​. 


Receive the entry code for the field via email 2 hours before your session starts.

Bookings are available from 08.05 am until 19.55pm.

The sessions are 50 minutes long.

There is a 10 minute buffer between clients to ensure that dogs don’t meet.

Discounts are available for block bookings. 


You have a reactive dog and want a safe area to exercise, with peace of mind that you won’t be bothered by other dogs.


Your dog does not have a recall.


You need a quiet place to train, with no interruptions.


You want somewhere you can meet with friends and their dogs, so they can run and play together in a safe environment.


You have a bitch in season.


You have a new puppy or rescue dog.

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